Community Involvement

Public involvement and community outreach services are provided by Enplan Group on many of our projects.



Public involvement allows direct interaction between the project team and the community. The success of a project is often dependent on the acceptance of the proposed project by area stakeholders, financial and economic analyses, and project life cycle management input.

Our public involvement services are cognizant of the regional, social, and cultural differences found in the many different countries in which Enplan consults. Each public involvement strategy is developed to ensure it meets the desired outcome of the client and the needs of the community.



Enplan Group prides itself on it’s ability to clearly communicate and actively listen to the concerns of the community. This has resulted in many successful projects by ensuring that there is transparent transfer of knowledge between the community and the client as well as mediation services where necessary.



Social impact is an integral part of Enplan Group’s culture. We take corporate responsibility seriously and try to positively impact the lives of the communities that invite us in. Above all, we believe that collaboration is the best way to transform communities and make our world a better place.


Enplan Group’s community involvement branch aims to assess each project that we accept and incorporate a social impact component. Our goal is to enrich the day-to-day lives of the members of the communities we work in.


To date we have built boreholes, provided water purification kits, and donated computers and other necessities to several orphanages just to name a few things.