Enplan Group offers a comprehensive service in all forms of planning, including masterplans, urban and regional planning, urban regeneration, university and infrastructural planning as well as water planning. The firm also offers services in land development, surveying, project management and real estate development.


Enplan Group provides comprehensive services in the field of Urban and Regional Planning which extends to planning large suburbs, preparation of master plans, rural development scheme and very recently urban regeneration. The firm has acquired considerable experience over the many years of activity.


Education, research and service to the community play an important role in developing a nation. A university improves human attitudes, develops talents and explores knowledge, creates responsibility,etc Enplan Group is aware of the role a university has to play in a society and has therefore maintained a wide national involvement in the planning and design of Universities and institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.


The increasing demand for improved transportation facilities has necessitated the huge investment on transportation by the Federal Government of Nigeria since the past two decades on the sector. Enplan Group has provided technical assistance to the Government in order for it to attain its aim. The firm activities include the use of software modelling and most modern techniques in feasibility studies, traffic forecast, planning and design.