The firm provides consultancy service in all forms of transportation systems: Air, Land and Water. The firm has developed expertise in transportation studies, planning, design and river transportation. Services include: Airports, Roads & Bridges, Highways, Navigation and Multimodal transportation studies.


In the area of air transportation, the firm has been involved among others in planning, economic and engineering feasibility studies, preliminary and final engineering designs of a number of airport projects located all over Nigeria.

Airports worked on include: Akure, Minna, Ilorin, Makurdi, Onitsa, Owerri.


The firm has been involved in the study, investigation, survey, planning, engineering designs and construction supervision of well over 80 different road projects all over the country. The scope and size of these projects are varied, ranging from Federal Highways to Estate Roads and in lengths from 20km to 200km.


The firm has undertaken the design and construction supervision of many bridges either as separate projects or in combination with a road project. Notable projects that the firm has undertaken in this field include:

  • The 3rd Mainland Bridge.
  • The 3rd road bridge over the River Kaduna.
  • Design of the 225m long pre-stressed concrete bridge over the Cross River on the Udi-Ugep road.
  • The 150m long Imo River Bridge on Port-Harcourt to Aba road.
  • Lekki Pedestrian Bridge


Water transportation is the most economic mode of transport in Nigeria where the cost of petroleum fuel is relatively high. Some parts of Nigeria are fairly well endowed with rivers, creeks and streams which have potential for the development of water transportation.

The firm has been commissioned for a number of transportation project including:

  • The dredging of the lower River Niger Project (Idah-Jamata)
  • The Development of the River Niger for Navigation, carried out in association with NEDECO and Royal Bos Kalis Westminister Group
  • Flood control and channel regulation to improve navigation in the Stubb and Widenham Creeks
  • The Oguta Port access navigation channel.
  •  The Ajaokuta Port.
  •  Federal Ocean Terminal Onne