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Introducing MIKE Powered by DHI


DHI MIKE software are a suite of powerful tools for water modelling and management, widely used by various organizations and agencies. Enplan Group is the agent for DHI MIKE software in Nigeria, providing access to these advanced tools for addressing water-related challenges in the country.

DHI MIKE software offers a comprehensive set of solutions for hydrodynamic modeling, flood forecasting, water quality analysis and environmental impact assessment etc. These tools enable stakeholders in Nigeria to make informed decisions regarding water resource management, flood risk mitigation, and environmental protection.

Enplan Group, as the local agent, plays a crucial role in facilitating the adoption and implementation of DHI MIKE software in Nigeria. Enplan Group offers support, training, and consulting services to help organizations, government agencies, and other entities harness the full potential of these software for sustainable water resource management.

By partnering with Enplan Group and leveraging the capabilities of the DHI MIKE software, Nigeria can better address its water-related challenges, improve infrastructure planning, and enhance environmental protection efforts, ultimately contributing to the country’s overall water resource sustainability.